Hainburg, Germany (January 31, 2022) – In a huge virtual ceremony with participants from numerous different countries, the European Digital Print Awards 2021 were presented today. Color Cloud from CGS ORIS was recognized as the best cloud-based workflow solution.

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Hainburg, Germany (November 22, 2021) – Color management and proofing specialist CGS ORIS released new software versions of the PRESS MATCHER and X GAMUT applications.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Organize & communicate brand colors with all spectral properties – easily & effectively

Communicating colors simply but precisely is becoming more and more important in our globalized world. Especially brand owners do not want to compromise when it comes to color reproduction. Why should they?

EDP Logo 2021From initial design to the digitally or conventionally printed product, color communication always needs to be reliable, effective, and easy. The ability to organize brand color information with all of its print-related properties is the essential basis for that.

CxF is the key. With this format, it is not only possible to transport all characteristics of brand and spot colors.

Since it is an open standard, CxF can also be used immediately by anyone involved in the production process. This makes CxF data the ideal basis for an uncomplicated management and exchange of spectral color data – locally or in the cloud.

CXF EN Gears

With CXF TOOLS you can quickly generate, manage, and analyze CxF data. Even existing libraries can be corrected easily.

Comprehensive digitalization of color optimizes the coordination and production processes and makes them much faster and less expensive. This ensures that media designers have exact specifications at hand and use the correct color at any time. CxF also assures correct ink formulation by the ink manufacturer. By embedding CxF data in the artwork file, you can be sure that it always contains the latest color information relevant to the printing company.

The result is consistent color reproduction in every print run and perfect brand colors worldwide!

Key features
Spectral characterization of colors using CxF data –
with all their print-relevant properties and parameters
Manage and communicate color via an open standard format
Import, analyze & correct CxF data easily
 Generate new CxF data quickly
Embed and export CxF/X-4 metadata in PDF/X files for the
entire production and supply chain
Export ASE data for accurate spot colors
Precise reproduction of colors and overprint behavior
Detailed reports and easy certification of spot colors
Store CXF/X-4 libraries in one central location (CXF CLOUD)
Access to up-to-date color data from all over the world
User access controlled by permissions

CXF TOOLS can be easily integrated into existing workflows and
infrastructures and also be used in any CGS ORIS application

Long-term experience & color expertise
We provide simple-to-use software solutions for all of your needs related to color management, proofing, prototyping, certification, and quality control - the best and effective way to optimize your entire production process.

Our proofing solutions are complemented by a large portfolio of specially developed substrates for creating color-accurate proofs and packaging prototypes.

CXF EN Function web

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