New versions of PRESS MATCHER and X GAMUT available

Hainburg, Germany (November 22, 2021) – Color management and proofing specialist CGS ORIS released new software versions of the PRESS MATCHER and X GAMUT applications.

Included are numerous new features for color-corrected file output with multi-channel data support for printing processes with an extended color gamut, optimization of printing on digital presses as well as a direct connection to the COLOR CLOUD.

CGS ORIS Presse XG V4 1

Spot colors in the cloud

With the direct connection to COLOR CLOUD, all spot colors can be stored quickly and easily in a central location which is accessible from anywhere in the world. The colors can be organized in libraries and easily exchanged between departments or companies. Access rights for users ensure data security and protection.

New profiling engine

X GAMUT includes a new profiling engine that creates high-quality ICC output profiles from CMYK and multi-channel data combined with a superior rendering of spot colors and a perfect conversion of RGB images. In other words: The reproduction of spot colors with an extended fixed ink palette (CMYK+X) is even more precise and RGB images are printed brilliantly in all detail.

Extended spot color correction

The spot color correction dialog has been redesigned and optimized, too. Therefore, the usability was simplified and spot colors can be directly imported from the COLOR CLOUD server to exchange and communicate colors easily.

In addition to the very detailed color reports, now the “Gamut Viewer” tool is available here, allowing to visually check if colors are in or outside the printer's color gamut.

Color matching with Device Link Profiles

Color matching for file output queues can now also be controlled with device link profiles – in addition to ICC profiles or a CGS ORIS color table. This allows using generally available standard profiles for converting from one color space to another.

Additional features

Besides that, both color management applications support Photoshop (PSD, PSB) and BigTIFF formats, and new features for spectral data and ink saving are integrated.

PRESS MATCHER is a full-featured professional color management software that enables not only to get the maximum out of all printing devices but also to reliably achieve consistent color results with different presses and printing processes. This ensures color consistency and easy repeatability of print products in consistent quality and according to all industry standards.

X GAMUT is an award-winning, fully automatic color management software for extended color printing on digital and conventional presses. Spot colors can be accurately reproduced by using a standard fixed 7 or 8 color ink set (CMYK+X). Besides that, it enables printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set so that images are brilliantly printed in all detail.

Established in 1985, CGS ORIS is a global leader of color management solutions, digital proofing systems and specially formulated media. Headquartered near Frankfurt (Germany), CGS ORIS also has operations in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other countries, as well as sales and support partners throughout the world. For more information, please visit or the social media channels (LinkedIn).


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