Professional proofing or mock-up production – get the right media!

Without the right media, no inkjet proofing system is complete, nor can it provide contract-proof quality. This is why we have developed a large portfolio of proofing papers based on detailed feedback from leading publishers, printers, and industry-standard organizations.

The PearlPROOF MEDIA family is specially formulated for the demanding needs of digital proofing. As market requirements are changing, we are continuously updating our portfolio. With its exclusive nanoporous coating, our proofing papers have a larger surface area than common microporous papers, thus allowing for higher ink densities, uniform ink absorption, better shadow detail, larger color gamut, and faster drying.

CGS ORIS Proofing Paper Media Substrates

In addition to these classical proofing papers, we provide a wide range of packaging substrates specially developed for creating color-accurate packaging proofs and prototypes. Ideally suited to always achieve the best result.

The PackPROOF MEDIA portfolio includes semi-matte and glossy papers, cardboard as well as transparent, silver and white pouch and shrink films. Particularly noteworthy is the PACKProof Transfer Film, which allows the production of packaging proofs and mock-ups on production substrates.

The entire MEDIA family is made with the strictest manufacturing tolerances ensuring absolute batch-to-batch consistency and optimum quality at all times.

CGS ORIS Proofing Substrates Media Packaging Prototyping

Key features
Large selection of coated and uncoated proofing papers
Specially formulated to match international printing standards like ISO Coated v2, PSO Coated v3, GRACoL, and many more
Wide range of packaging substrates for creating even the most complex mock-ups
Unique nanoporous coating for outstanding performance
Manufactured with the latest coating technology
Specially tailored media for the requirements of digital proofing
Packaging substrates ideally suited to produce unique packaging proofs and samples
CGS ORIS Proofing Paper
Create packaging proofs and mock-ups

FLEX PACK is a powerful and user-friendly software to produce color-accurate packaging proofs and mock-ups quickly and inexpensively.

The system and its components are the results of years of research and development, perfectly tailored to the requirements of the packaging industry.

Even complex finishing effects such as cold foiling, embossing, or different types of varnishes can be created easily.

The unique system is easy to use, can be seamlessly integrated with existing workflows, and offers you maximum flexibility with the highest level of quality.

CGS ORIS Packaging Substrate

You can order samples of all media listed below, just send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To get more information about the substrates or prices, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




PackPROOF Family
PackPROOF Glossy Paper - 45 24", 30'', 54"
PackPROOF Semi-matte Paper - 45 24", 30'', 54"
PackPROOF Clear Film 85 50 24" and 44"
PackPROOF Transfer Film 40 30 24" and 48"
PackPROOF Matte Embossing Foil - 30 24"
PackPROOF Semi-matte Embossing Foil - 30 24"
PackPROOF Glossy White Adhesive Vinyl 100 40 30"
PackPROOF Matte White Adhesive Vinyl 100 50 30" and 54"
PackPROOF Metallized Pouch Film 65 30 24" and 48''
PackPROOF Transparent Pouch Film 65 30 24" and 48''
PackPROOF White Pouch Film 75 30 24" and 48''
PackPROOF White Metallized Pouch Film 75 30 24" and 48''
PackPROOF Silver Film 120 30 3o"
PackPROOF Clear Adhesive Polyester 75 50 24"
PackPROOF Clear Shrink Classic Foil 70 30 24" and 40"
PackPROOF Clear Shrink Foil 80 30 24"
PackPROOF Semi-matte Cardboard  - 0,61 0,86 m
CGS ORIS mock-up selection gallery

In our gallery you find a wide selection of packaging samples to get an idea of the range of proofs and mock-ups that can be produced with FLEX PACK and our packaging substrates.

And of course, there are far more possibilities! Discover more details.

Longterm experience & color expertise

We provide simple-to-use software solutions for all of your needs related to color management, proofing, prototyping, certification, and quality control - the best and effective way to optimize your entire production process.

Our proofing solutions are complemented by a large portfolio of specially developed substrates for creating color-accurate proofs and packaging prototypes.

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