Proofing & Prototyping

In addition to "classic proofing", we have been focusing on proofing and prototyping for packaging since many years. Besides suitable software, you find a large portfolio of exclusive packaging substrate to produce mock-ups.

Classical Proofing

A proof continues to be the basis to make responsible decisions related to color. Understanding and accurately communicating content well before the production process.

With the right color management software, you can easily and cost-effectively produce your own proofs. Offering you the ability to reliably and accurately predict the end printing result.

COLOR TUNER is no stranger in the graphic arts industry with a proven track record. The gold standard for thousands of companies worldwide for more than 30 years when it comes to professional proofing.

What separates COLOR TUNER from the competition, is our focus on developing an entire proofing system. Not only the best in class software. We take into consideration all aspects of the customer’s needs to ensure the highest quality proofing results.

This includes the use of the latest inkjet technology from partners like Epson and Canon in addition to the use of our best in class media offerings. This ensures you will consistently match the highest level of industry standards and always achieve the most color accurate and colorfast quality with digital proofing.

Additionally, we offer a large variety of proofing paper, which guarantees the use of the most appropriate paper for your printing process requirements.

All of our MEDIA is manufactured with a very special surface structure that gives them unique properties. For example, better ink absorption, higher color density, greater detail reproduction, and shorter drying times than comparable papers.

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Packaging Proofing & Prototyping

In addition to "classic proofing", we have specialized applications in additional areas: proofing and prototyping for packaging. An incredibly exciting and high growth market!

For many years we have worked intensively with the packaging industry and offer optimally designed tools that are specifically tailored to the needs of the industry and enable an efficient workflow.

First and foremost, this includes our sophisticated FLEX PACK system, which you can use to create color accurate packaging proofs and packaging samples in a simple and efficient manner.

We also provide a large portfolio of packaging specific substrates for this application – there has been an unprecedented demand for complex mock-ups in the packaging market.

In our gallery you will find a variety of packaging samples to explore the possibilities:

As you know, brand colors are central to the packaging industry. Spot colors can be found on almost every package! But managing them often leads to challenges.

The production process is made significantly easier with X GAMUT, the fully automated application that enables you to precisely reproduce special colors with a fixed color palette - for example with CMYK + orange, green and violet - instead of the need to print with them directly in the production process. This saves a lot of time and money - for printing companies and customers alike!

Here you can learn more about the software and read what users report.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reliable simulation of printing results
  • Color-accurate contract proofs
  • Hardcopy proofs & softcopy proofs for each standard
  • Flexible & simple handling
  • Turnkey solution for mock-up production
  • Specially tailored substrates for perfect results
  • Reliable & cost-efficient
  • Easy to integrate into existing workflows
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