Color Management & Optimization

Get the most out of your printing presses! Achieve perfect color and repeat printing results easily – and reach any industry standard and optimize your processes at the same time.

You are looking for a real all-rounder in color management? PRESS MATCHER is the answer!

Similar to COLOR TUNER, this software has a long track record of success in the industry. With PRESS MATCHER you calibrate your press(es) quickly and reliably, get the most out of them and achieve specific industry and house standards.

Do you have multiple presses or a mixed production environment? The software enables you to match the printed output - regardless of the procedure involved or whether different digital printing presses are used.

You can also easily repeat print jobs with the same perfect result after any period of time - without color deviations.

For companies servicing the home décor and industrial print market, we are seeing large growth in color management solutions as a whole. Today many things around us are printed: wallpapers, floors, sporting equipment – if you have been concerned in the past about different substrates in connection with uniform results - with PRESS MATCHER you will print this type of work with absolute confidence.

Other optimization options in the area of ink savings are available, which enables you to save large amounts of ink with a significant reduction in cost, as well as increased productivity and improved overall quality. Learn more here.

Suitable software solutions are also available for multi-color printing. You can use your multi-channel press to reproduce brand colors with process colors, e.g. CMYK and orange, green, and violet, quickly and precisely.

The direct use of spot colors is no longer necessary. This not only saves you time and money but also your customers. A real win-win situation and a nice competitive advantage! Learn more about multi-color printing in our web special.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ideal & consistent results with different printing presses
  • Repeat jobs easily
  • Achieve industry standards reliably
  • Patented iterative approach
  • Very powerful all-rounder
  • Well-known & proven software
  • Optimization of process & results with X GAMUT (CMYK+X)
  • Save money & increase quality & efficiency with INK SAVER-Modul
  • See also

  • Quality control & certification
  • (Brand) color communication
  • Benefits of multi color printing
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