09 Feb 2021

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CGS ORIS offers a large selection of packaging substrates that have been developed especially for the production of color-accurate packaging proofs and packaging samples. They are the ideal addition to our FLEX PACK proofing software. Let´s have a closer look at a selection of samples!

All of our media are manufactured using the latest coating technology and in compliance with the strictest specifications. They pass extensive control processes - this always ensures optimum quality.

On these pages we would like to give you some insights how packaging samples can be produced immediately and cost-effectively with FLEX PACK, describe some packaging substrates in detail and give you an overview of finishings effects

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The PackPROOF portfolio ranges from various papers and cardboards to transparent, metallized and white pouch films as well as shrink material. A special transfer film is also available, which enables the proof on original substrates

Practical examples from our customers are shown in our mock-up brochure.

Chocolate Bar "CANDY"

Verpackungsmuster Riegel Web

PackPROOF Metallized Pouch Film

A great variety of packaging samples can be produced with the metallized pouch film. It is directly printable, heat-sealable, can easily be refined with varnish or embossing effects and stands out with excellent properties such as a large color space, high ink absorption capacity and fast drying.

The PackPROOF Pouch Film is also available in white, transparent and white metallic.


  1. Partial varnish, matte
  2. Heat-sealed seam
  3. White ink underlay
  4. Substrate

Pouch Bag "NUTS"

Verpackungsmuster Nuts Web

PackPROOF White  Pouch Film

The white pouch film also offers a wide range of options. White stand-up pouches are often used in the food and cosmetics sector in a wide variety of designs.

This substrate is directly printable and can be heat-sealed. Even complex finishes can be produced easily. The white pouch film is characterized by a large color space, high ink absorption capacity and very good drying properties.

The pouch films are also available in metallic, transparent and white-metallic.


  1. Reclosable
  2. Substrate
  3. Varnish and embossing possible
  4. Different spot colors

Foiling Box "Parfume"

PackPROOF Transfer Film

The Transfer Film enables proofing on the original substrate. The media consists of a printable, extremely thin and stretchable film, which can be transferred to any original material with a standard laminator even at low temperatures, such as foils, cardboards or sheet metal.

Our example shows a perfume box with stunning finishing effects. Thus, in combination with the PackPROOF Embossing Film, complex, impressive finishings are possible.


  1. Partial glossy varnish
  2. Embossing for a nice noble look and feel

Shampoo Label

Verpackungsmuster Shampoo Web

PackPROOF Clear Adhesive Polyester

We are also offering the right substrate for impressive "no-label-look" labels. This self-adhesive, transparent polyester material is characterized by all important properties: It has a very high ink absorption, glossy surface, is resistant to abrasion, extremely flexible to apply and can be easily removed without leaving any residue.


  1. Spot colors
  2. White
  3. Golden cold foil for special effects


Verpackungsmuster Smoothie Web

PackPROOF Shrink Foil

Especially shrink films need to meet high requirements. In addition to a good ink acceptance, the substrate needs to be easy to process in order to deliver perfect results.

The new shrink foil has an even better, more uniform shrink behavior and even complex shapes can be easily and perfectly sleeved - for cost-efficient mock-ups in no time!


  1. Perfectly shrinked foil without inclusions or unevenness
  2. Transparent color


Verpackungsmuster Sweets Web

PACKProof Transparent Pouch Film

In addition to the white, metallized and white-metallized pouch film, a transparent version is also available. It also has excellent product and processing properties and is often used for packaging samples in the sweets, snacks, cosmetics or hygiene sectors.

With the varnish and embossing option, outstanding finishings can also be added here. Using all these great possibilities, the sample will show all details of the original and offers a perfect basis for the final design.


  1. Euro perforation
  2. Heat sealed seam
  3. Viewing window
  4. Spot colors
  5. White

"Chocolate" Box

Verpackungsmuster Choc Web

PackPROOF Semi-matte Cardboard

The pre-coated cardboard is one of the premium products from the packaging substrate portfolio.

The innovative coating allows even very complex finishing effects to be reproduced simply and precisely.


  1. Matte finish
  2. Cold foil and embossing
  3. Gloss varnish

All samples were produced with FLEX PACK. Learn more about the proofing system that was specially developed for the production of packaging proofs and samples.

Do you have any questions? Don´t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Benefits at a glance

  • Large portfolio of packaging materials
  • Specifically developed to produce packaging prototypes
  • Ideal properties
  • Unique surface
  • Exclusively available

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