This is where they meet: diverse materials and structures! United by one goal: color accuracy, consistency, and repeatability from proof to production.

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Brand Color Consistency

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Organize and edit your color easily and communicate all their (spectral) properties with your project partners and suppliers – in a simple and secure manner.

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Proofing & Prototyping

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

In addition to "classic proofing", we have been focusing on proofing and prototyping for packaging since many years. Besides suitable software, you find a large portfolio of exclusive packaging substrate to produce mock-ups.

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Color Management & Ink Optimization

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Get the most out of your printing presses! Achieve perfect color and repeat printing results easily – and reach any industry standard and optimize your processes at the same time.

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Quality Control & Certification

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Process control, quality assurance, and certification are essential elements of professional color management. Check your workflow automatically.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Accurate and consistent color across multiple printing devices

Trying to achieve consistent color on different printing devices and different printing conditions without professional color management software causes a lot of unnecessary effort.

PRESS MATCHER was specially developed to maximize the productivity of all your output devices with just a few clicks. The software lets you produce the same results on any device and repeat print jobs easily, quickly, and reliably – today, tomorrow, or even after a longer period of time.

Whether there are international industry standards such as ISO, GRACoL, or SWOP or specially defined in-house standards of your customers - PRESS MATCHER is the ideal tool to handle all of your color management requirements.

There are many options and features available to customize the software ideally for your individual needs in your daily business, like the INK SAVER module, which helps you to further optimize your production processes to work even more efficiently and save more time and money.

PM EN Gears new

More details:

Automated repeatability and consistent colors
Different operators on different days? Jobs that need to be reprinted periodically? PRESS MATCHER is the answer.

Color balance is automatically maintained, day-in, day-out, and the patented technology guarantees to achieve ideal print results - even after a longer period of time, anywhere around the world and across different devices and printing processes.

Neutral Gray
Due to changes in the environment, print-outs vary from day to day as the gray balance shifts. Ideally, the system should always remain a perfect balance between Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow also called neutral gray. Achieving this manually is challenging and can be time-consuming.

PRESS MATCHER is the first solution in digital printing that recognizes color shifts and automatically compensates them.

Smooth gradients
Gradients are a quality characteristic. Smooth gradients depend on an optimal color management setup and an interaction between calibration, paper profiling and neutral grays.

The setup of this balance can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive. PRESS MATCHER unifies all these steps into one single process, ensuring that colors stay repeatable and stable.

PRESS MATCHER complies with industry printing standards, like GRACoL, SWOP, FOGRA, ISO Coated, and Uncoated. More recent standards such as PSO Coated v3 (FOGRA51) or PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52) are also supported.
Not all digital files are created in the same way. User errors, nonstandard desktop applications, and legacy file formats lead to unprintable files and production downtimes.

PRESS MATCHER’s normalization functions take the worry out of this by automatically creating clean printable files. This guarantees a stable and seamless print production process.

Wide gamut workflow
PRESS MATCHER’s wide-gamut workflow makes use of the print device´s entire color gamut. This ensures high-quality RGB color reproduction with stable and reproducible print results. Wide gamut color matches can be optimized iteratively. Different input color spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB within the same PDF are handled perfectly, as ICC input profiles and rendering intents can be set individually.

This workflow is the ideal way to render RGB data – with vivid saturated colors and stable neutral gray tones. This is important for the production of photo books, posters, banners, signboards, and
similar products.

Saving cost & optimize processes
PRESS MATCHER‘s INK SAVER module enables you to reliably optimize your ink and toner consumption. This has a positive impact on print quality and your entire production processes, such as better shadow details and shorter drying times. Please follow the links and discover all benefits.
Spectral data
With PRESS MATCHER you can also create and process CxF/X-4-defined spectral color data. The use of spectral data allows you to match spot colors and overprints perfectly and consistently. To create, edit, and analyze spectral data, we recommend the use of our CXF TOOLS application.
Central control
With the EVALUATE certification software, prints can quickly and easily be checked for color accuracy. The direct interface allows all data from different devices and locations to be collected and evaluated centrally, giving you a detailed overview.
Long-term experience & color expertise
We provide simple-to-use software solutions for all of your needs related to color management, proofing, prototyping, certification, and quality control - the best and effective way to optimize your entire production process.

Our proofing solutions are complemented by a large portfolio of specially developed substrates for creating color-accurate proofs and packaging prototypes.

Key features
Accurate, consistent color reproduction on different printing presses and processes
Easy repeatability of recurring print jobs
Color matching and certification to in-house or industry standards such as ISO Coated v2 (FOGRA39), PSO Coated v3 (FOGRA51), GRACoL
Normalization of print data including conversion of various file formats (e.g. PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG ...)
Optimal gray balance based on automatic color stabilization
Media-relative color matching
Use of CxF data as well as creation and application of spectral data
Create custom test charts for various measuring devices
Optimal use of the color gamut of every output device thanks to wide-gamut workflow
Process optimization and cost reduction with INK SAVER
Simple handling through the intuitive, wizard-based user interface
Fully automated process
Easy integration into existing processes and workflows

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Gray Balance

Monday, 23 November 2015

For optimum print results, C-M-Y and K colors should be balanced perfectly to achieve neutral gray. However, owing to fluctuations in ambient climate conditions, the gray axis tends to vary from one day to the next. It is time-consuming or virtually impossible to improve device stability manually.

PRESS MATCHER is the first application in digital printing to automatically detect and correct variations in tonal value. This ensures a perfect gray balance and maximum press stability throughout the entire print run.

Case Studies

Read our case studies for more information.


“With PRESS MATCHER, we are now finally able to guarantee absolute repeatability, a prerequisite for professional printing.“ – Marco Augustin, Managing Director

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Quantum Digital
“Before we used CGS ORIS, the color quality was good, but not measurable.” – Freddie Baird, Chief Operations Officer

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Ziegler does it differently, the only constant is change. In digital printing, the company depends on innovative color management from CGS ORIS. – Jo Bloss, CEO

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Case Studies

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