Ink Saving and Quality Improvement

Thursday, 11 February 2021

The INK SAVER module of PRESS MATCHER has been developed to not only create substantial ink savings on press but to also optimize the entire production process.

With an ink reduction of usually 20 percent or even more, not only a significant cost reduction is achieved, but also a substantial increase in print quality.

An overall lower ink coverage optimizes print contrast and enhances visible details. Spot and brand colors are also displayed more precisely.

Printing with less ink automatically leads to faster drying times and significantly increases your production speed. Print capacity that can be used for new customer orders. As a result, you can process more print jobs from your customers at the same time!

Besides that, negative effects from environmental factors are also minimized. Banners and signboards are less susceptible to fading and abrasion.

Printing more jobs means more profit; usually, INK SAVER pays for itself within less than a year.

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More details:

Ink savings and cost reduction
With INK SAVER, substantial ink savings of at least 20 percent are achieved. Depending on the print process and the colors, users report even higher savings. This is particularly true in large-format printing, where advertising materials like posters or banners are reproduced.

Printing with less ink means cost can be significantly reduced. Typically, the investment usually pays for itself within one year. In addition, ink saving has many other positive effects, such as
reduced print head wear.

Quality improvement
Paradoxically as it may seem, high-speed inkjet printing benefits from substantial quality improvements when ink usage is reduced.

The most noticeable improvements are increased contrast and shadow detail, as well as improved rendering of spot and brand colors – especially those in the red area, typically a challenge for
high-speed inkjet printers.

Faster drying times
Ink usage and total ink coverage is greatly reduced. This allows for significantly faster drying times and therefore higher production speed. Increased productivity means more sales and higher margins.
Environmental resistance
A lower total ink coverage can also prevent negative impacts of environmental factors. Prints become less susceptible to fading and abrasion, for example. This is an important asset for promotional material.
Increased workflow productivity
INK SAVER uses device link profiles for converting job data. This ensures a fast and smooth production process and short processing times, even for very large jobs. IPDS environments are fully supported.
Environmentally friendly
With INK SAVER there are not only economic benefits, but also benefits for the environment. Reducing total ink coverage is by no means a negligible contribution to making your processes more environmentally friendly. This is especially true for processes that use large amounts of UV inks, as these inks have the highest savings potential, resulting in less ink waste.
Long-term experience & color expertise
We provide simple-to-use software solutions for all of your needs related to color management, proofing, prototyping, certification and quality control - the best and effective way to optimize your entire production process. Our proofing solutions are complemented by a large portfolio of specially developed substrates for creating color-accurate proofs and packaging prototypes.
Benefits at a glance
Enormous ink savings, usually 20 percent or more
Significant cost reduction
Increased resistance against abrasion, fading and other environmental factors
Faster drying
Reduced shine-through effect
Higher production speed
Increased productivity
Substantial quality improvement due to higher contrast
Better reproduction of spot colors
Return on investment usually within one year or less
Environmentally friendly, especially with the use of UV inks

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Quality Control & Certification

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Process control, quality assurance, and certification are essential elements of professional color management. Check your workflow automatically.

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Who wouldn’t like to find the key component in his company that could cut his costs in half? This article summarizes what you need to know about ink saving and its great options regarding cost reduction and quality improvement.

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What’s most important in this solution is very clear to us, and that’s the quality improvement that we can achieve with it.

Bernhard Stiefel, Managing DirectorStiefel Digitalprint & Eurocart GmbH
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Quality Improvement with INK SAVER

By reducing ink, quality improvement is not possible, right? At first glance, most people will agree with this correlation. It’s unanimously believed that if you reduce the amount of ink the quality of the print will suffer. However, the opposite is true if you use the right tools as demonstrated here by the international STIEFEL Group.

Situated in Lenting, close to Ingolstadt, the company has 14 printing machines, 2 high-frequency welding towers, 4 guillotines and 3 laminators in their 5500m2 production hall.

Every day thousands of square meters of printed materials from giant fabric prints for flags, wall coverings, canopies and tablecloths, complex display banners and building wraps to foil printing for expo booths and vehicle wraps are produced. Direct printing to board and fleece wallpaper with imposing designs complete the STIEFEL portfolio.

Stiefel Personen web

This Upper Bavarian company also provides post-processing, delivery and assembly of the final product on site. Managing Director Bernhard Stiefel’s first priority is providing his customers with the best quality possible. Software from CGS gives him exactly that.

Just over a year ago, STIEFEL installed PRESS MATCHER with the INK SAVER module. “What’s most important in this solution is very clear to us, and that’s the quality improvement that we can achieve with it”, Bernhard Stiefel comments. “Printed results show considerably improved sharpness, they are noticeably more brilliant and edges are clearly defined” he said with satisfaction.

At first, he didn’t expect such incredible results. “We had already tried other ink-saving solutions, but none even came close to what we desired and this is why we were not convinced it was even possible. I was very positively surprised, because the results printed with ORIS Ink Saver even overachieved what CGS ORIS´ business partner, DRX Pack, had reported the software would deliver”, summarized Stiefel.

What’s most important in this solution is very clear to us, and that’s the quality improvement that we can achieve with it.

Bernhard Stiefel, Managing DirectorStiefel Digitalprint & Eurocart GmbH

As well as the increase in quality, ink-saving was also outstanding. On average, the company is saving around 20 % in ink. For example on the Canon Colorado that‘s 22% in saved ink costs. On certain printing machines the ink saving was even greater.

Stiefel Halle web

Ink savings can depend on factors such as image design, printing substrate and the machine itself. STIEFEL has a wide range of equipment from DURST, HP, VUTek, Canon and SwissQPrint. “We save most on the foil machines where we see up to 35%”, according to Stiefel.

Over and above the quality and cost-saving benefits the Managing Director praised the ease of integration of the software with his existing workflow.

As well as quality improvement and less ink usage, the INK SAVER module brings other unexpected benefits along with it. Because there is less ink on the substrate, drying time is reduced so that the production process can be speed up and the printer freed up for additional customer projects.

The origins of STIEFEL lie in the printing of maps. Bernhard Stiefel’s father, Heinrich, founded the company in 1982 with the idea of outfitting every school classroom with geography maps; in those days mostly by offset printing. “In the 90’s we started to use digital printing more and more, particularly as the many changes in European country borders meant constant map updates and that would not be economical on offset”, explains Bernhard Stiefel, who has led the company with his father since 1990.

So finally, in 2003, STIEFEL Digitalprint GmbH was formed alongside the existing STIEFEL Eurocart GmbH. Maps in various forms are still produced today through the major part of the business is advertising and display material of every kind and size. The Group has around 100 employees, mostly in Lenting in beautiful Oberbayern.

(Photo Credit: CGS)

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Hanbuch Packaging, Pfungstadt

Friday, 09 August 2019

The INK SAVER helps us to reduce our internal costs and brings additional benefits for our customers.

Andreas Hanbuch, CEO Hanbuch PackagingHanbuch Packaging, Pfungstadt
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Harder-Online GmbH, Zeithain

Friday, 09 August 2019

We have found X GAMUT the ideal solution for our intent. The experience has shown us that we made the right choice!

Stefan Harder, Managing DirectorHarder-Online GmbH
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Ink/Toner Saving

Monday, 23 November 2015

In today's printing industry it is important to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of quality. This can be achieved easily using PRESS MATCHER together with INK SAVER Premium.

The INK SAVER option significantly reduces the CMY components for all printed elements, resulting in less consumption of expensive CMY ink or toner.

Using sophisticated UCR and GCR algorithms, INK SAVER also optimizes the black separation, which improves color quality in digital and conventional printing. Reduced make-ready time and waste and faster ink drying times are additional benefits. Get more information.

Case Studies

Read our case studies for more information.

Hanbuch Packaging
The software helps us to reduce our internal costs and brings additional benefits for our customers. - Andreas Hanbuch, Managing Director Hanbuch Packaging, Pfungstadt

Read full story.

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Stiefel Digitalprint & Eurocart GmbH
What’s most important in this solution is very clear to us, and that’s the quality improvement that we can achieve with it. - Bernhard Stiefel, Managing Director Stiefel Digitalprint & Eurocart GmbH

Read full story.

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Case Studies

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