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In this article, we will have a look at how proofing and color management solutions help industrial printing companies enormously to work more precisely and efficiently.

July, 6.–7 2022, Munich

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Exchange ideas with the speakers and participants and be ready for the present and future of color management!

Do not miss to register and visit us at our booth!

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June 29-30, 2022, Geneva

Screenshot 2022 05 18 at 12 40 53 The FuturePrint Leaders Summit Will Set the Agenda for the Future of Print 29 30 June Geneva Futureprint
FM Future, owners of FuturePrint, the platform and community dedicated to the future of print technology, is hosting the first FuturePrint Leaders Summit in person this 29-30 June. Located in Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland, the event will allow the greatest minds in print to congregate, engage and entertain in an exclusive face-to-face environment.
Do not miss our presentation at 29th of June, 2:30 PM. More details are available here:

September 27-28, 2022, Wiesbaden

surface in motion
Visit our booth at the Surface in Motion Technology & Design Conference in beautiful Wiesbaden!

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August 31 - September 2, 2022, Leipzig

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Decorative Surfaces Conference in Leipzig! 
Learn more about the exciting conference program and do not miss our presentation "Experience meets innovation: New solutions for consistent colors" on Friday, 2nd of September! Register now:

October 19-22, 2022, Bitec, Bangkok

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Visit us at the 8th PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL in Bangkok! For more information about the event, please visit



With the award-winning COLOR CLOUD, global color communication is getting really easy, fast, and precise. Brand color consistency all over the world is the result - without compromises.

In our workshop series, you learn more about how the tool helps you to optimize your daily business, its functions, and usability.

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PRESS MATCHER的省墨模块不仅有利于在印刷上节省油墨,更有有利于优化整个生产过程。





印刷更多的工作意味着更多的利润;通常,INK SAVER在不到一年的时间内就能收回全部投资成本。

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使用INK SAVER,至少可以节省20%的墨水。根据打印过程和颜色的不同,我们的用户报告的节省甚至更高。这在大幅面印刷中尤其如此,在大幅面印刷中经常生产市场物料如海报或横幅等。





INK SAVER使用Device Link ICC来转换作业数据。即使是大量的工作时,亦能确保快速和顺利的生产过程和更短的处理时间,完全支持IPDS环境。
使用INK SAVER不仅有经济上的好处,而且对环境也有好处。减少总油墨覆盖率绝不是一个微不足道的贡献,使您的印刷过程更环保。这对于使用大量UV油墨的工艺来说尤其如此,因为这些油墨目前成本不容忽视,具有最高的节约潜力。

Benefits at a glance
Enormous ink savings, usually 20 percent or more
Significant cost reduction
Increased resistance against abrasion, fading and other environmental factors
Faster drying
Reduced shine-through effect
Higher production speed
Increased productivity
Substantial quality improvement due to higher contrast
Better reproduction of spot colors
Return on investment usually within one year or less
Environmentally friendly, especially with the use of UV inks

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We are glad to announce that today our COLOR CLOUD received the European Digital Print Award for the best cloud-based workflow solution!

对行业而言,该解决方案是真正的突破,因为它实现了 “直接在印刷材料上打样"——这是许多客户多年以来一直在寻找的。在本页上,你可以找到关于这个真正独特解决方案的所有重要信息!

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