Proofing has changed and evolved massively in recent years. Today, various approaches are available that can be used to perfectly address different requirements. In this article, we have summarized basic knowledge about proofing and briefly present the approaches – an exciting overview of the evolution of proofing.

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This solution is a real breakthrough for the industry, as it enables 'Direct-to-Substrate-Proofing', meaning printing on original substrates – something many customers have been looking for since many years. On this page, you find all important information about this truly unique solution!

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Find the right solution!

星期三, 08 9月 2021

With our product finder, you will get a quick overview which solutions are the right ones for your needs!

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德国海恩堡 (11.08.2021) – 专业色彩管理和数字打样系统供应商,CGS ORIS发布新软件版本,为企业增值和赋能。

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星期三, 26 5月 2021

创新专利打样纸和包装承印物具有独特的特性,完善了我们的打样应用 COLOR TUNERFLEX PACK.


星期三, 26 5月 2021



星期三, 26 5月 2021




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    星期二, 23 3月 2021

    在上周由 Pressman Solutions 办的一个研讨会上,我们展示并讨论了包装印刷商如何从扩展色域印刷技术中获益。这篇文章总结了研讨会的关键信息,文末附有会议录播。

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    During a very exciting workshop hosted by Pressman Solutions last week, we had the great opportunity to show and discuss how packaging printers can profit from the expanded gamut printing technology. This article summarizes key aspects and includes the recording of the session.

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