Proofing has changed and evolved massively in recent years. Today, various approaches are available that can be used to perfectly address different requirements. In this article, we have summarized basic knowledge about proofing and briefly present the approaches – an exciting overview of the evolution of proofing.

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This solution is a real breakthrough for the industry, as it enables 'Direct-to-Substrate-Proofing', meaning printing on original substrates – something many customers have been looking for since many years. On this page, you find all important information about this truly unique solution!

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Mutoh Europe 携手 CGS ORIS

星期一, 05 10月 2020


德国海恩堡(2020 年 10 月 5 日) — 对于收缩套标、无涂布标签和瓦楞纸板等应用,用户都在寻找一种合适的解决方案以直接在承印物上打样,但截至目前仍无好消息传来。现在,我们成功地填补了这一空白。

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星期三, 26 5月 2021

创新专利打样纸和包装承印物具有独特的特性,完善了我们的打样应用 COLOR TUNERFLEX PACK.


星期三, 26 5月 2021