25 二 2021

“The solution the flexo packaging industry has been looking for a long while”

Last Thursday a very exciting conference took place and we had the great opportunity to be part of it! In this article, we are summarizing the highlights of the session about “direct-to-substrate proofing” at the FuturePrint´s Virtual Conference!

“This is the solution the flexo packaging industry has been looking for a long while”, Phil Walmsley, Managing Director at Waldo Limited, comments on the new proofing system CGS ORIS jointly developed with Mutoh last year.

Since the end of 2020, Walmsley´s company is using the proofing software FLEX PACK in combination with Mutoh´s ValueJet 628MP, which was specially tailored for the packaging industry. In the virtual conference session, he gave exciting insights into his daily business and shared his experience.

Great advantages & new opportunities

Walmsley does not only show how great it is to finally be able to provide proofs and mock-ups which are a “true representation” of the final product as they are produced with the original substrate of each client, but he also underlines how important this ability is for his business. The company also invested in other applications and systems but did not achieve the same output.

It becomes impressively apparent which great advantages the usage of the new system leads to regarding competitors but also regarding the opportunity to attract and bind new customers and how the system helps to jump into additional new markets and get new selling opportunities.

Realistic look & ideal workflow

The „realistic look“ is Walmsley´s core goal, but his feedback is very detailed and multi-layered: Of course, at Waldo, they are also aware of the effects a new system has on their production process and workflow. The results are very positive as e.g. the drying times are very fast which leads to short production runs and fast handling of customers jobs with short waiting times.

Besides the detailed customers’ feedback, the session also delivers more information about the development of the special resin-based XG INKs, which are used for the direct-to-substrate proofing, and the responsible Product Manager Stephan Heintjens from Mutoh gives also some insights about the challenges during this process and how they have been handled. The result is multi-resin inks with special properties – they adhere to the media and allow heating and shrinking/stretching while they keep the media look and feel properties intact.

Potentials & further developments

The session was completed by Heiner Mueller, Sales Director Packaging at CGS ORIS, who classifies for which particular application areas the system was developed, where the hugest potentials are, and what can be expected for the future!

If you missed the session and want to learn more about the „solution the flexo packaging industry has been looking for a long while“ as Phil Walmsley said, you can watch and share the recording on youtube

What comes up next?

In the second week of March, we will be joining a webinar session about expanded gamut printing in packaging. More details will follow as soon as possible! Follow us also on our LinkedIn channel to always stay up-to-date!

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