16 二 2021

FuturePrint Virtual Conference

In October 2020, we launched a unique direct-to-substrate proofing solution with Mutoh Europe. Now, it´s time to have a closer look at our customers' experience!

In October 2020, Mutoh Europe and CGS ORIS announced a unique end-to-end digital print solution for packaging professionals, specifically developed for direct-to-substrate proofing of packaging. The solution integrates Mutoh’s ValueJet 628MP, a 24” (630 mm) wide digital piezo inkjet printer, CGS ORIS™ FLEX PACK software, and the new generation CGS ORIS multi-resin XG INKS (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm & White).

It is currently the only one available that is capable of printing directly onto a wide variety of packaging substrates without primer or pre-coating, such as shrink film, uncoated label stock, and corrugated board.

Meanwhile, the first series of installations were made, including WALDO Ltd in the U.K. On February 25th at 1:00 p.m . (CET), Waldo’s Managing Director Phil Walmsley will share Waldo’s experiences with the MUTOH/CGS ORIS system for direct to substrate proofing.

Waldo specializes in flexographic, digital, artwork, digital artwork, plates, thermoflex, digital plate, solid plate, liquid plate, photopolymer, color, process, screen, screened proofs, proof, approval, approval proof.

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