Since Hirte obtained ORIS Color Tuner // Web we can now visualize countless effects already in the design phase.

Dieter Dolezal, Technical OfficerHIRTE GMBH & Co. KG, HAMBURG

As an experienced partner for creative processes in all media productions Hirte GmbH was founded in 1973 in Hamburg. The company consists of the headquarters in Hamburg, the photo studio “adP”, the creative studio “Vertuschen”, and a branch in Bremen. They cover not only classical prepress tasks for their costumers from industry, commerce and the agency area, but also fulfill tasks from process optimization to media logistics.

One of the company’s most important field is the Hirte packaging team. In this field the costumer gets provided with classical prepackage tasks as well as a broad portfolio of services starting with the virtual package design and ending in the production of package samples.


Not too long ago Hirte could already provide normal, color-accurate proofs with their previous printing systems, but not on established semi-matte substrates.

“Since the company obtained the Roland VS-300 in combination with ORIS Color Tuner // Web we can now visualize countless effects already in the design phase, which used to be only possible with laborious and expensive techniques like Kodak Approval or Cromalin,” says Dieter Dolezal, Technical Officer at Hirte.

The most important application is printing on packaging substrates of all kinds, e.g. on transparent foil, aluminum foil or adhesive vinyl, including metallic ink. “We are especially convinced about the color accuracy and the high printing speed, as well as the low production costs compared to Kodak Approval. Also the low purchase costs were one of the main reasons to obtain the system in March 2011.”

In the near future the Roland VS-300 will be used more heavily for the production of samples in the company’s own creative studio. Possible are samples on  e.g. shrink foil or even 100 labels only as digital zero patterns.





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