ORIS Press Matcher // Web guarantees consistent color on different printing systems irrespective of printer model or printing process.


The company for digital media design was founded in 1993 in Obertshausen by two through-and-through professionals, who previously learnt the business at one of the most renowned typesetting and prepress companies in Frankfurt. Today the company has 35 highly motivated employees and produces for customers from all over Germany and the neighboring countries. Brückner & Neuner invested in digital printing soon after the company was opened, after the purchase of an image setter and scanner. They frequently produce a wide spectrum of printed matter for demanding customers, ranging from business cards and flyers to the artwork of entire exhibition booths.

Today the company provides customers with a powerful, yet easy-to-use editing system which can be used via a secure access. “One of our strongest points is the comprehensive full-service we can offer, which always includes consulting services and a dedicated training of our customers. Although the acceptance of PDF in the market made many things a lot easier, we still generally check and edit customer files prior to printing. With this service we distinguish ourselves from Internet printers. At the same time our customers frequently discover that very often we are actually less expensive. Particularly when things need to move fast and no other solution is in sight, you regularly hear ‘just go and see Bruckner & Neuner GmbH’,” Bernd Neuner says with a smile.


Quickly the company decided to use ORIS Press Matcher // Web: “Customers expect color fidelity for their corporate identity and an identical color reproduction on different printing systems, without getting into time-consuming color matching processes. For some time now, we have agreed on the ISO Coated v2 standard, commonly used in offset printing, which we use as a neutral communication color space to create output-independent data. We have a much better color uniformity now, and with the gray optimization feature we achieve a better gray balance throughout the entire printing process on all of our systems,” explains Rainer Bayer, Operations Manager at Bruckner & Neuner GmbH and responsible for color management.

“We only briefly tested the software under production conditions in our company, with close support from CGS. Straight after that, we decided to match all existing color systems to the ISO standard, using ORIS as a color server, from the layout proofer in the prepress department to the large-format printer with eco-solvent inks.

“Within a very short time we were able to improve the quality and efficiency of our digital printing department. Since we now use a largely automated color transformation process, anyone here can perform. This allows us to produce perfect results in the shortest time, instead of having to go through a tedious profiling process,” Bernd Neuner concludes.





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